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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Precision Performance Sports in Northwest Suburbs Of Chicago...

Moira R.

"I have been in physical therapy more than I would like to admit due to sports-related injuries and surgeries. Having worked with many different PT professionals during my time as an athlete - from high school through college and competing after college - I can say with assurance that Dr. Chrissy is one of the best out there. Her anatomical expertise, wide range of therapies, whole body approach, and sincere attention and support - all are truly exceptional and I could not be more fortunate to have found her. She has been instrumental in keeping my body healthy. Thank you Dr. Chrissy!"

Lori D.

"If driving 40 miles one way for my daughter to be treated by Dr. Chrissy Davis doesn’t explain how much we love her, I don’t know what will. My daughter, Ella, is a gymnast who has had her fair share of injuries over the years. And as any parent of a gymnast knows, is that even after our gymnasts have healed from an injury, there is usually some permanent damage we can’t see (both mentally and physically).
In the fall of 2019, Ella injured her ankle to the point where she had to take an extended break from the sport she loves.

Here’s what to do next…