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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Precision Performance Sports in Northwest Suburbs Of Chicago...


"My son Jameson is a multi-sport travel athlete who loves all things sports. He barely stops to stretch, let alone recover, but he also never complains, so I knew when he repeatedly mentioned his legs hurting that I needed to take him seriously. We saw Chrissy who was very quickly able to assess that he needed to lengthen and strengthen his muscles both before and after his practices..."

Jeannie Sullivan

"Chrissy is a very intuitive PT - I came to her with very typical runner’s knee issues and she treated every single problem area, addressing weaknesses I didn’t even know I had! I emerged from her care stronger than I had ever been and ready to dive into marathon training head on. I would recommend any athlete with nagging issues to go and see her for long term solutions!"

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