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"My son Jameson is a multi-sport travel athlete who loves all things sports. He barely stops to stretch, let alone recover, but he also never complains, so I knew when he repeatedly mentioned his legs hurting that I needed to take him seriously. We saw Chrissy who was very quickly able to assess that he needed to lengthen and strengthen his muscles both before and after his practices and games. She showed him specific exercises without any special equipment, which he was able to do on his own at home, that brought him real relief.

She also explained to him, in a way that a 12 year old can understand, that he needed to be more mindful of using his glutes to bring power and strength to his movement, rather than relying only on his legs. She got him moving in ways that made sense and helped to alleviate not only his existing pain but prevent further pain! He’s been doing great after only a few sessions with Chrissy, has had no more leg pain and best of all, he goes back to the stretches he learned whenever he is feeling extra tight or sore!"

Jeannie Sullivan

"Chrissy is a very intuitive PT - I came to her with very typical runner’s knee issues and she treated every single problem area, addressing weaknesses I didn’t even know I had! I emerged from her care stronger than I had ever been and ready to dive into marathon training head on. I would recommend any athlete with nagging issues to go and see her for long term solutions!"

Lori D.

"If driving 40 miles one way for my daughter to be treated by Dr. Chrissy Davis doesn’t explain how much we love her, I don’t know what will. My daughter, Ella, is a gymnast who has had her fair share of injuries over the years. And as any parent of a gymnast knows, is that even after our gymnasts have healed from an injury, there is usually some permanent damage we can’t see (both mentally and physically).

In the fall of 2019, Ella injured her ankle to the point where she had to take an extended break from the sport she loves. And when her ankle finally started to look better and she returned to practice, Ella was having a very hard time doing much of anything without pain and hesitation. We knew that if Ella wanted to continue competing for years to come, we couldn’t just focus on getting Ella better for the season, but for the long-term. Dr. Davis not only treated Ella’s injury, she worked extensively with Ella on correcting her biomechanics to reduce the chances of her reinjuring herself. Who knew that an ankle injury could be prevented by strengthening the quads, glutes, and core?!? After two weeks of doing the prescribed exercises and weekly in-person sessions, Ella immediately starting feeling a difference. Her tumbling felt more controlled - she felt stronger and her balance even improved.

The best thing about Dr. Davis is that she is not just a healer, but a teacher. Every appointment she spends a significant amount of time listening to Ella about what’s going well and what needs improvement. And when Dr. Davis lays out a treatment plan, she goes into great detail to explain to Ella why she’s doing what she’s doing. This doesn’t just keep Ella engaged, but it has helped Ella identify and self-correct bad habits herself. We’re back to seeing Dr. Davis again, this time for an imbalance of Ella’s shoulders. And once again, after a week of treatment, Ella is not just seeing a difference, but she’s feeling a difference. I am confident that my daughter will continue to enjoy and excel in this incredibly demanding sport for years to come because of Dr. Davis."

Berkley C.

"Dr. Chrissy has gotten me through my marathons the last few years and has kept me able to continue running and prevent injuries. I have gone to a lot of PT's but Dr. Chrissy spends the entire hour with me analyzing, treating, and giving me strength exercises to actually help correct the problems before they start. She has fixed things that no one else has been able to alleviate. Highly highly recommend her."

Jill A.

"Chrissy worked with me after an accident that caused lingering effects of whiplash, so I could perform well and complete my 1st 1/2 Ironman. Her treatment always addressed my immediate pain and helped me to overcome the symptoms I was feeling during training. Chrissy was a huge part of making my Ironman successful. I will continue to work with her when needed during future trainings."

Alexa T.

"I can't express how thankful I am for Precision Performance Sports Medicine and Chrissy! As a dancer, I have struggled with back pain for many years and was recommended to Chrissy at a time I was having a reoccurrence of pain. Within the short amount of time I've been able to go to Precision Performance Sports Medicine, the results were amazing. She is not only a phenomenal physical therapist, but a genuine and caring individual who truly wants the best for her clients. She puts so much effort, passion, and heart into what she does. I simply can't express how much everything she has done for me truly means. I would absolutely recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone in need because she's remarkable at what she does!"

Moira R.

"I have been in physical therapy more than I would like to admit due to sports-related injuries and surgeries. Having worked with many different PT professionals during my time as an athlete - from high school through college and competing after college - I can say with assurance that Dr. Chrissy is one of the best out there. Her anatomical expertise, wide range of therapies, whole body approach, and sincere attention and support - all are truly exceptional and I could not be more fortunate to have found her. She has been instrumental in keeping my body healthy. Thank you Dr. Chrissy!"

Shirley T.

"I originally scheduled PT with Dr. Chrissy because I had a problem with one of my knees. The Friday before my first session, the other one went out. I was a mess. While I ended up having surgery on the second one, it took almost two months. During that time, I started having trouble with my wrists and arms due to overuse. This made it challenging to do my home exercises. Dr. Chrissy needled, massaged and gave me some great exercises. She got my muscles moving again.

In the beginning, I struggled with walking, sitting and standing. I was happy it was the summer and I didn’t need socks. The first time I had to put socks on, it took about 10 minutes. Now, it’s a piece of cake. One of the things she asked me to work on was to get my feet on the bottom bar of the chairs. It took a while, but I was finally able to get both of them to rest there! When my feet were hurting, she taught me how to walk properly.

I came for my knees and got so much more as my wrists and arms got better with her help as well. Yesterday, I shoveled snow and it didn’t hurt. Today, I walked over 1.5 miles, the most I’ve done since June 2020. Each day I get better and I thank Dr. Chrissy for that. She is easy-going making it easy to talk to her. She explains where I’m supposed to feel the exercises so I do them right. I’m still on the mend, but I wouldn’t be this far without her. This was my first time working with a Physical Therapist and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr.Chrissy!"

Stacy P.

"Growing up I played a ton of tennis and still try to remain active with running, yoga and strength training but being in my 40’s, I have had my fair share of overuse issues and injuries. I was always taught to ice, rest and stay off of the injury but seeing Chrissy has taught me so many more useful ways to treat my injuries and most importantly kept me moving! I love that Chrissy always makes time to see me when I am hurting and then teaches me how to use movement to strengthen my weak points and realign my body. She makes it easy to continue to treat myself at home with some exercises (without any major equipment) and then always follows up to see where we need to tweak things. Most recently, I was having chronic heel pain from plantar fasciitis and running. She was able to see me virtually, give me some exercises using some towels and a chair at home, and a few weeks later, I am back running again without any pain! As a busy mom of three kiddos, I love and appreciate that she is easily available and there when I need her, but she never makes me feel like I have to commit to a ton of therapy sessions either! She also has a great ease about her and an infectious laugh that makes spending time with her a joy! I just can’t say enough good things about her – she’s professional, really knows her stuff and is always learning new cutting edge techniques and takes the time to really listen to your issues. She gets to the root cause of your issue (which sometimes is something you hadn’t even considered!) and finds easy ways to relieve pain for the long run so you can stay active and moving! "

Colleen B.

"Dr. Chrissy is the first PT that I have been to throughout my long road to recovery who actually gets what endurance athletes need to become better performers. She has taught me so many things about my biomechanics, mobility and strength in our short time together! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great PT who will work with you to get you closer to your goals!

[Update after Telehealth visit]: I found my virtual visit with Dr. Chrissy to be just as helpful as an in person visit! During these uncertain times, it was a relief to know that I can still get the help I need from my physical therapists. Despite the loss of the physical touch, I found our virtual visit to be just as rewarding, because she was able to properly diagnose my issue and show me how to use ART/ self massage techniques on myself in order to relieve the pain I have been experiencing! Dr. Chrissy was also able to watch my movements during our PT strength work and correct me along the way. Thank goodness for technology in desperate times! "

Melissa J.

"Dr. Chrissy is AMAZING! She is so passionate about what she does and is determined to help her patients feel their best. Can't recommend her enough!!"

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